Charlie earned his Business degree from the University of South Carolina in 1986, and later earned his Master’s degree from Regis University, in Denver, Colorado.  He spent over three decades as a computer programmer in the automotive diagnostic, telecom billing, and healthcare financial industries.

In 1992, after working seven years on a GM account with Electronic Data Systems, he moved his family from Michigan to Colorado and never looked back.

But in 1995 his wife was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and so he took on the tremendous responsibility of being her caregiver.  This, as well as the challenges of raising six children, did not leave much time or money to take up an expensive sport like skiing.  But after eighteen years, at the age of sixty, that changed when his daughter asked him if he wanted to try it just once. 

From his first day on the slopes, Charlie’s love for skiing in Colorado skyrocketed, and now his only regret is that he was not able to begin earlier.